How to identify fake influence marketers

How to identify fake influence marketers

Since, every social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, twitter are loaded with tons of influence marketer promising to meet today’s high end business requirements, but what if these influence marketer are found to be fake ?, billions of investors are endlessly showering their pocket and products on influence marketers to get a boom in their business algorithm.

To change the business fate, to get better ROI (return on investment) and to turn customers into a reliable regular buyer, innumerous brands are putting efforts and trying to reach maximum number of possible audience. But what if you have been caught showering money on a fake influence marketer or you found that the amount you have been investing for so long on influence marketing has gone in vain, just because you have chosen to work with a fake influence marketer or perhaps been fooled by one !

The rise in popularity of social media platforms has opened up a relatively new and ravishing advertising economy driven by “influence marketing” and with the automated business building tools that allows marketers to buy and sell followers are

In a recent research done by a Swedish e-commerce company, published in economic times, stated that over 184 million social media accounts have been discovered fake by their analytical team across 82 countries in the world, the three major giants with maximum faux identities over the Facebook owned platforms are US with 49 million, Brazil with 27 million and India with 16 million fake influence marketers.

With over 2 billion daily active users around the globe,Instagram has become the most widely used platform for influence marketing and has acquired certain public hold that no one can deny. The kind of reach and audience extension social media platform have can easily offer some idea about how galactic the influence marketing could be. And where Instagram comes all brands found it to be the most lucrative platform, but with tons of fake influence marketer how would you distinguish between a fake and a real one, even with the widest variety of social media analytical tool available both online and offline it’s quite arduous to differentiate between a fake and a genuine influence marketer.

Revealed in a new study a whooping 16 million accounts of Indian influence marketer on Instagram are fake, stating such people are carrying artificially boosted vanity matrix to pump with their social presence that end up dumping tons of faux media followers on their Instagram accounts, these elephantine Instagram fraud is estimated to cost brands and marketers close to $750 million globally and now worth about $1.7 billion global economic wastage.

And the saddest part is companies are pouring money on influence marketing, thinking that they are investing their terms on connecting with the real audience, but in reality the other side of the coin has everything in fake, fake media engagements, fake followers, fake traffic leaders etc.

In short companies are just darning their efforts, money and products over fake business builders who have just acquired a mass following overnight.

Here are few measures that you may take to discover whether your listed influence marketer is genuine or not !?

Analyse followers

Usually people with fake followers tends to have some rude profile name, you can easily recognize them by analyzing any influence marketer’s previous branding history, in case you find some weird account commenting and liking some specific posts, then be sure they might be followers with faux identities or either a same person with multiple account hold.

examine engagement ratio

Marketers with fake engagements tends to draw traffic but rarely turn into sales, if you are branding with an influence marketer over any social media account then do examine your traffic leads and engements generated by your influencers blog post or influencing tactics, influencers usually shower words of mouth and share product links in with a passive description under the caption area, now,  at first you find several leads are coming on your site via your influencers URL but they are bouncing back, means the leads are productive to your brands, they are just turning towards your brand’s site and building more and more traffic with fewer sales, there you’ll spot your influence marketer posses fake audience and those audience are barely making any purchase of your product and services except generating traffic and bouncing back.

examine previous posts and brand collaboration

In case you found your preference influence marketer collaborating or previously collaborated with some odd sounding brands, I can’t name any, but you have to dig and discover them at your own level, you can examine your influence marketer by his post and sharing brands, whom he or she had previously collaborated don’t confuse small and local brands with odd one, odd brands usually want to just draw public attention so they prefer to work with low budget influence figure with any number of follower and another side high end genuine influence marketer never seen collaborating with odd brands.

Use analytical tools

I prefer you to get a paid influencer recognizing tool that would help you to have better insight of influence marketer over social media platform, afluencer or any other of your choice you can have ,these tools spot and rate influencers on the basis of their engagements and traffic leads generated ratio, further some analyzing tools number the genuine and fake followers of an influence marketer other grade them and list them down in a black list, so you could pursue better understanding on whom to choose for business collaboration.

You people can even go for further searches and dig a bit deeper to discover and catch a fake influence marketer by analyzing it’s followers profile and previous business collaboration, or by examining their followers data or in any other way.

You can share your experience if any or suggest us some better way to find out a fake influence marketer

Please share your valuable comments and suggestions are invited.

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