Since, affiliate marketing has risen enormously over the past few years and several companies are on board to offers multiple affiliate programs, the widely known one is amazon’s affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are basically an arrangement in which a users gets paid as he sends traffic to the brand’s site or generate any monetary purchase on the merchant’s site, some small or local organizations don’t deal much in e- commerce themselves, they function an affiliate program to yield more business dealings and ROI.

 “why do companies and mega organizations offers affiliate program ?”

Since ,every organization wants to get more and more business leads so they could extend their business, and affiliate programs make them earn more without doing much work on behalf of some sort of commission.

Tons of mega companies offer their affiliate program to join in and earn on every sale you made, but it’s not as simple as you might be thinking !

it’s hell challenging for affiliates to turn a single visitor to their program’s lead and it won’t stop there, until and unless a successful purchase is done by a customer and the tenure of his re tuns or exchange surpasses, no commission will be reflected in your account. Each marketing company has its own set of rules, so they could make people or affiliates work accordingly, some companies invite affiliates for free and then according to their leads and traffic generated other recrudesce them in order to conserve more money and bring more traffic leads in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

What is affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is simply a deferral program that belongs to the promotion of other businesses goods and services in order to get a commission for every sale or lead you generate, commission could be in all the way from 2% to 10% or 20 to 50% and even more than that. Indeed some affiliate marketers have got so smooth in this field to make dollars a month, but the majority of people who try it makes little or no value, you are required to expect low and work really hard to turn people on your words, as it’s not that worthy for everyone, lots of time, efforts and palatine is required to make the audience follow your words and use your referral link for making an online purchase. It directly depends on the number of people you turn and send them to your collaborated merchant’s site, or the number of people who completes a particular action of buying any product or services.

What are affiliate programs ?

There are tons of affiliate programs available online and are remarkably an automated and demonically generated platforms that enables users to involve in business dealings by making them generate leads and pull traffic to the merchant’s web site and it will send a monetary exchange termed as commission as an appreciation on behalf of your efforts to turn a visitor in a host buyer of their product and services.

There are three basic stages over which all this affiliate program runs

  1. Merchant’s site
  2. Affiliate marketer and his actionable site
  3. The customer or buyer

At first, an organization introduces a product or services and then attracts affiliate to market it in anyway, promising them a fixed profit percentage on every sale done through their unique affiliate links, usually, you might have found people discussing on a certain product regarding all about it’s goodish attributes and later on they ask you to try it or use it by making a purchase through their affiliate link more over some even grease you with some sort of discount for using their affiliate link, these all are tactics to turn visitors into buyers and make them purchase one or the other things indirectly, and this way they gain honey coated commission on every sale attracted by them.

Here am listing down some top 5 affiliate programs for beginners 

  1. Amazon associates

For beginners it’s a great platform to kick off a new venture, most of the work is usually done by amazon itself product casting and branding you just have to bring new clients from external traffic sources to amazon’s official site,there are millions of products to choose from, choose the one inclined to your domain type and start working on it to generate sales.

  1. Leaddyno

 LeadDyno offers you a classic affiliate program and choose variant of products and promote them on your wall, as soon as a visitor turns into a buyer it reflects a specified amount of commission in your account.

  1. ClickBank

Clickbank works with over 6 million digital products in over 20 categories, and offers maximum 70-75% of commission rate, if you are a digital blogger you can sign up and start casting and promoting digital sequence on your social media wall and slowly people will be charged with your words and it will automatically make you earn.

  1. Ebay partner network

You can easily sign up to the Ebay’s partner network and then start advertising its product and services over your social media page and in return you’ll be showered with a hefty commission on every sale generated by you.

  1. HubSpot

hubSpot offers you to choose from millions of products and accordingly affiliate program, thousands of companies were given the tools to design their affiliate program and manage their customer algorithm, hubSpot is among the highest paid affiliate platform on every product you sell depending on their tier value.

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