NEET Preparation – Coaching or Self Studying?

NEET Preparation – Coaching or Self Studying?

In India, often personalized learning wins over the generalized mass-based learnings offered by the conventional education system. The need of the hour is to impart students with quality education through customized course material catering to individual capabilities.

With new technologies launching in the market every day, the more the options students are bombarded with a myriad of options. However, at the crux of it, self-studying matters. NEET crash courses offered online is one such option selling like hotcakes. This popular and go-to option for many seems to be the resort for last-minute revisions, which is fair enough. Gone are the days when education was confined to the four walls and one roof.

With the advent of the same technology, an increasing number of students also have whole-heartedly accepted preparation for exams into their stride. “Self-teaching” through the online mode is the new trend in this exam season. Here, students equip themselves with all the course material available online, use apps for mentoring, and seek assistance online for doubt-resolution to name a few.

How Students Benefit From NEET Coaching?

  1. Surety of covering the syllabus

Syllabus of NEET is vast. Covering 97 chapters, emphasizing on key points under set deadlines effectively without compromising on quality is what coaching centres promise to deliver. This is one of the reasons why students opt for coaching.

  1. NEET experts as your companions

Experienced faculty are the building blocks of coaching centres. They serve as the perfect companions in your journey to prepare for NEET. Along with the right guidance, they also help identify our position in the crowd. They assess our progress through regular tests and provide customized reports for improvement.

  1. Uptake of tests

We all know the importance of taking up mock tests, and other forms of assessments to prepare for NEET. These coaching centres habituate us with exactly this culture. We get acquainted with solving NEET questions on a daily basis and tend to master the nuance of solving a range of questions. This step is critical to tweak our time management skills.

  1. Expert tricks

Who does not want to save time and solve questions with as limited steps as possible? We all want to. Academic coaches at these faculties help us with this. Over the years, with their analysis, they have mastered the art of solving questions within the least time possible. Such timesavers are taught to students here.

  1. Access to quality education

Have that one facilitator to blame on for your poor performance? Not anymore. Faculty at such centres are hired given their excellence in their respective streams. Students can be assured of seeking quality education here.

Benefits of Self Studying

Self-learning is deemed to be the best forms of learning. Directing one’s own studies requires utmost dedication and perseverance along with a sense of accountability. Here, students take complete control of how, what and when to study. There are many perks of self-studying, listing some here:

  • One tends to learn more effectively with complete involvement
  • More about a topic is discovered while self-learning. One tries to go beyond the surface and learn
  • It builds a sense of self-esteem, and confidence in students
  • There is no pressure of having to match up with someone else’s pace. Can grasp information at their own tempo
  • Self-studying ignites curious minds
  • It builds a sense of responsibility, allowing students to study without any constraints
  • It makes them proactive, helping them take charge of any situation

All in all, both have their own hiccups and benefits. Taking up coaching or not is completely an individual decision. However, self-studying in both cases is inevitable.  Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube Channel for us to assist you in your NEET preparation.

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