It Tastes Burnt When I Vape: Causes and Fixes

It Tastes Burnt When I Vape: Causes and Fixes

As soon as you realize that your vape tastes burnt, all you want to do is fix it and enjoy smooth and sweet vapor like before. But first of all, it is worth knowing the causes so that you can fix them appropriately. A burnt taste in vapor creates a nasty experience and can irritate the throat.

According to vaping experts, this experience might prevent you from vaping, which is not what you want. But the good thing is that there are solutions to this. Without further discussion, let us dive into this important topic. If you are a vape enthusiast, you will definitely find it invaluable.

Causes of the Burnt Taste

  • Burnt wick – Vaping using high wattage is not recommended although some people do it. It tends to vaporize the e-liquid too quickly, which increases the chances of burning the wick. However, this is not the only time when the wick gets burnt since poor quality wicks behave this way even with low wattage. Once it happens, the user inhales burnt vapor that gets into the mouth and throat, causing irritation.
  • Failure to prime the coils – Amateurs and pros in vaping are victims of this cause. Burnt hits are annoying, but you will always encounter them if the wick is not allowed to soak in e-juice. As soon as this happens, the e-cigarette will turn into a nightmare that you do not want to go through. Additionally, your coils, whether expensive or not, will have a very short lifespan.
  • Chain vaping – This takes a toll on your coil and wick, leading to burnt hits eventually. What people do not know is that both of these have a lifespan. As soon as the maximum puffs are reached, problems will start. If you are a chain vaper, you should not be surprised if you taste burnt hits more often.

How to Identify a Burnt Coil

Those who vape more often may have no choice other than to change their coils frequently. Moderate vapers are lucky because they can do this after a month or more. The biggest sign that a coil requires changing is a burnt hit. If you are lucky or used to how long a coil will last, you can catch this before having a nasty experience. But experts say that knowing when to change a coil is based on experience rather than science.

One of the main signs is reduced vapor production. Here, both the wick and the coil are failing, and the next sign will be a burning sensation in your throat. Also, you might consider checking both if you start to notice a loss of flavor in your vapor. If you hesitate, you might end up regretting it.

Solutions to the Burnt Taste

Well, to avoid burnt hits or deal with it when it has started, you will need to change the coil and the wick. Most often, there is no other way to deal with this. Luckily, these are things that you can do with ease.

With the above information, any beginners and professionals can have a smooth vaping experience and keep the nasty burnt hits at bay. If it happens for some reason, there is no need to panic because things can be put back in order fast and quick.

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