Affordable Ways to Begin Automating Your Home

Affordable Ways to Begin Automating Your Home

These days, everyone wants a smart home. It’s reliable, convenient and saves you a lot of money.  However, often people are reluctant to begin the transition due to heavy financial investment it requires. It’s difficult to decide where exactly to begin to make this change the most efficient, without having to empty your pockets suddenly.

With almost everything running on electricity in our homes now, deciding what to replace isn’t the easiest task. You have endless options to choose from and way too many electrical components to replace.

This process may seem tiring, but it can be broken down into steps. To make things easier, following are some affordable ways to begin converting your regular home into a smart one. If you’re looking for help with more technical aspects of smart home automation, FirstEnergy may be of assistance.

Identify Problem Areas

It isn’t necessary for you to change the complete look and feel of your home in one go. Smart home automation isn’t just for a visual upgrade, it’s meant to make your life easier, which means that before starting that process, the first question you need to ask yourself is what parts of your home need upgrade the most. Maybe your thermostat is really old and needs to be replaced to one that can better regulate the temperature, or maybe your fridge is being problematic.

Locate all potential issues in your home, and then begin to replace those things one by one. If you find you need a very specific aspect of your home inspected, for example, internal wiring, hiring a licensed professional may be wise.

Browse the Market

Smart products are much more popular now than they used to be. There’s a smart product to replace almost every appliance in your house, which means that there are endless options in the market to select from. For someone who is inexperienced and just testing the waters, this can get overwhelming.

It’s very likely that someone who’s just starting out won’t need flashy appliances that come with features that aren’t absolutely necessary for smooth operation. An example of this is garage doors that come with lights. While that may be a good feature to have, it’s not something everyone needs.

It is also important to understand that not every smart product will be compatible with your home. The appliances you buy will be based on temperature, size and build of your house. Make sure you’ve done your research before deciding anything. For this, you can even take the help of a home professional; they can advise you with the best products according to your home’s specs and requirements.

Try to Focus on Essentials

If you want a  smart home due to convenience rather than aesthetic, it might be better to only change the appliances that take up a lot more time and energy to operate manually. Other than that, appliances that consume a lot of power and add most to your electricity bill should also be a focus. This includes things like your fridge, thermostat and garage door. Try to replace everyday appliances before getting into anything else.

The possibility that your appliances are acting up because of a fault in your electrical system is also something that you need to consider. If you’re thinking of replacing such an appliance, you must first ensure that the appliance is, in fact, the problem.

Work Your Way Up

If you don’t have the budget and still want to upgrade your home, starting with the smallest components might give you the motivation you need. For example, you can even start by simply replacing an outlet cover. The smallest changes can give your home a more modern feel and can make certain aspects of your home life much easier.

Smaller appliances will cost you comparatively less, but will still give you all the benefits of smart home automation in the long run. This is because even they can start consuming excess electricity and causing problems as they get older and become obsolete.

Link Your Appliances

To get an idea of the convenience that smart home automation can add to your life, connect your existing smart appliances. A smart home hub is a device that connects all your appliances so you can control them from one source. You can stay connected to every device through this one component, no matter where you choose to place it within your home.

A smart home hub acts as a translator, communicator, and monitoring device for your home; you can even use it to set up different commands that can work in collaboration with the right app in your smartphone. Another thing it can aid in is diverting traffic from Wi-Fi networks to decrease the load, because a lot of devices will be connected through this hub rather than directly to the Wi-Fi device. A smart hub is sure to make the life of any homeowner that’s new to smart appliances easier.


Even though it might cost you a bit in the beginning, home automation is a wise investment that can end up benefiting you in multiple ways in the long-run. All you need to do is plan things out beforehand and understand what you need to do first according to your needs. The transition can be gradual, so don’t worry about making it happen all at once.

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