Windows PC or Mac? Make A Decision Today

Windows PC or Mac? Make A Decision Today

Do not you know if your new computer should be a cheap Windows PC or a more expensive Apple Mac? This guide will help you with the purchase decision.

Nine out of ten computers are Windows PCs. The market leadership of Microsoft ensures that many do not even ask the question of PC or Mac. Anyone who still deals with this decision inevitably looks for the advantages and disadvantages of the PC and the Apple Mac. First, in this article, we will discuss the reasons that speak for the Windows PC. In the second part you will find the advantages of a Mac. However, you have to make a final decision yourself – it always depends on the demands and needs of your new computer system.

Pro PC

  1. Versatility: You can buy everything – portable Windows smartphones that fit in your pocket or luxury computers with high-tech features and a 21-inch monitor. There are PCs for hardcore gamers, for occasional surfers and for typing. In short: For every application, you will find something. Apple, on the other hand, offers just nine to eleven different models depending on the type of usage – not including mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.
  2. Price – If you believe the marketing of Microsoft, Windows computers are economical, cost-effective and therefore very economical – especially in difficult times, a plus for both businesses and home users. Windows PCs are available in all versions, from inexpensive to very expensive. Apple saves on principle the lowest price segments and offers only systems for the middle and luxury class. If you are looking for a simple computer that does not cost you much, you can of course purchase a Windows PC. If only the price matters, the PC is undeniably recommended.
  3. Software selection: Also thanks to the many hobby developers there is software for various Windows systems. Many applications are available for free on the Web, and some cost a small license fee as long as they are used privately. Only for the really complex programs for business needs, users have to dig deep into their pockets. For Apple computers, there are only a few third-party applications because of the relatively low penetration of the market. With a simple product key, you can have access to all features of Windows.
  4. Individuality: No computer is better tailored to the needs of a user than the one he has put together himself. Behind the sense and function of PC components is every experienced amateur hobbyist, able to put together a system entirely by hand. Macs, on the other hand, are characterized by the fact that they were assembled and screwed solely by Apple. There is no room for individual requirements.
  5. Multimedia: Multimedia such as TV, HD movies, music and games is really fun only on a Windows PC. Although graphic designers and other artists swear by “their” Mac, most of the good games and innovative applications will only take months to reach Mac OS systems.

Pro Mac

  1. Unity: Windows are often messy and confusing, at least in times before Windows 7. Mac OS X is different: The minimalist interface focuses the attention of the user on the essentials. Once learned, using a Mac is as easy as riding a bike.
  2. Reliability: Even a Mac is not immune to crashes. However, research shows that it is still more reliable than the most stable Windows PC. It crashes less, does not immediately respond to any new application with degraded performance, better offsets its memory and hard drive space, and shuts down faster and more reliably. The reason is obvious: Apple is the only company that offers hardware and software from a single source and can coordinate everything exactly.
  3. Security: The high market penetration of Windows computers attracts hackers. On the other hand, many Mac users are still without security software, without having to worry about possible dangers. This may change in the years to come, but for now your security will not be compromised.
  4. No overload: “Do not want to install the Yahoo Toolbar right now?” “Google gives you even more free security – click here.” These dialogs often pop up in the course of installation routines – the hook at the appropriate place is of course set from the outset. Windows applications have increasingly annoying demo ware, adware, and spyware in tow, which at first glance may seem useful – especially for free – but provide plenty of garbage to the system. Macs do not have the problem.
  5. The attention to detail: A comparison: In the past, the packaging of computer games still contained maps, posters, gimmicks and printed manuals – today, all this has disappeared in favor of an unattractive DVD case with PDF instructions. This offers nothing more than the disc. And even that is no longer self-evident: sometimes you only get digital download codes and have to download the software yourself from the net.

The situation is similar with the equipment of new PC systems: They are technically super set up, with a great processor, a lot of RAM, a large hard disk, fast drives, a large monitor and powerful software. But where are the little pleasures of life? Mac buyers get their power adapter and a cable roll, so that the cluster behind the desk remains clear, unbreakable connectors, an oversized touchpad for playful operation of the computer. The love is often in the detail and that ensures there is customer loyalty.

  1. Innovation in Software: Useful, Fun and Totally Innovative: Apple Software. For example, iTunes, Safari, QuickTime – all running under Windows, but not nearly as good as on their traditional Mac.
  2. Apple Store with Genius Bar: Every Mac buyer has the right to free personal support from an Apple expert. These are increasingly found at the “Genius Bar” in the Apple stores. For example, there is a so-called “personal setup” on site, in which each new customer is offered a one-hour, free service, where they receive support for data transfer, software download or other questions for a smooth and rapid changeover.

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