Top Spicy Chicken Dishes

Top Spicy Chicken Dishes

Chicken is a hot favourite meat for almost all the non-vegetarians. This meat boasts a number of beneficial nutrients and therefore, chicken is regarded as a healthy meat amongst others. Different places have their own variations of preparing chicken dishes. However, a heart-warming and mouth-watering chicken dish is seriously irresistible irrespective of its origin.

Many people want to include various spicy chicken dishes in their platters. The soft and tender chicken with a twist of fiery chilli can be prepared in various ways. Some of the very famous chicken preparations are described below:

  • Chicken Curry: It is a very prominent and delicious spicy chicken preparation of India. This simple and quick-to-prepare dish is commonly consumed by most of the non-veg households. Chicken curry is of different types for different regions. The base of preparation is similar, just small variations are there. Chicken Kolhapuri is considered as a major spicy chicken curry of India. Some popular chicken curries are Chettinad Chicken Curry, Chicken Cafreal, Chicken Tikka Masala, Lemon Chicken, Kerala Chicken Curry, Murgh Changezi, Dhania Murg Makhni, Chicken Chaap, etc.
  • Pepper Chicken: Its traditional name is chicken kali mirch. It is a widely popular and tasty recipe. This is a perfect dish for weekend get-togethers. The overall preparation is simple and easy in which pepper powder is the main hero. Its aroma gives life to the gravy. If you are a new learner of cooking, then you can follow chicken kali mirch recipe from the internet.
  • Kadhai Chicken: This recipe is prepared in a ”Kadhai” that is one kind of Indian cooking pot.

    kadhaichicken is rich in protein and it can be taken as a menu in various celebrations. This chicken preparation

    is originatedfrom North India. Spicy and dry chicken lovers can definitely try this dish. Its rich aroma comes from Onions, Ginger, and Tomatoes.

  • Chicken Handi: It is a spicy chicken dish that is somewhat different from other chicken dishes. It requires a certain time to prepare this recipe; however, it is simple to cook. It has a superb and mind-blowing taste. This classic traditional dish is prepared in what is called as Handi is one kind of cooking pot (with the lid). The creamy sauce provides a unique and extraordinary

    flavourto this dish. Chicken

    handi masalais an appropriate dish for those, who are irresistible to appetizing spicy food.

  • Butter Chicken: As per the spicy buds, the butter chicken can be customized in its preparation. The amount of cayenne is responsible for its spiciness. Butter chicken is a heavily popular dish that is perfect for any celebrations.
  • Chicken Masala: It is an all-time favourite oldest

    South-Indian chicken dish. Spicy and delicious chicken

    masala is associatedwith a great taste. It is an easy and quick chicken recipe.

The count of chicken recipes is almost innumerable and you can definitely try to prepare various chicken recipes in your home by following their recipes. With spicy chicken dishes, you can look for various non-spicy dishes too. For other chicken recipes, you can go through various food websites.

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