Concept of Scar with its various types

Concept of Scar with its various types

Scientifically, a scar is nothing but a growth of tissue marking the spot where the skin has healed after an injury. Basically it is an area of fibrous tissue that replaces normal tissue after that injury. Thus it can be easily said that scarring is a natural part of the injury healing process. Every wound, might it may be from the accident or disease or surgery results in some degree of scarring but some exceptions are always there.Scars can be of different types like hypertrophic (scars raised above surrounding skins), keloid (indefinitely large, timorous), atrophic (pitted appearance due to acne, chicken pox etc.), stretch marks etc.

About facial scarring

Facial scarring is probably the worst form of scar that anyone can have as face is the most open part of the body and scars on it can be noticed easily. Generallywhen the integrity of the skin of the face becomes endangered then that particular part of the skin scars easily. Several circumstances are there for development of facial scarring and they include severe cuts from an accident, thermal burn to the face, chemical burns ( such as with acids and bases), last but not the least the acnes which can scar the face severely with pockmarks that are indented into the deeper skin of the face causing the scars.

Fighting facial scarring

Symptoms of facial scarring can include numbness or pain in the affected part of the facial skin and a limitation of movement of the affected part of the place. But it is true that facial scars are easy to diagnose as they are easy to see. In serious cases, the doctor determines the extent of the scar by evaluating the muscles of the facial expression and the sensation of the face to check if they might be involved in the scar. In mild cases, over the counter cream, gels or ointments can do the job but they are available by prescriptions. Also numbers of no scars cream are available in the market or over the internet based platforms claiming the crown of the best in the market. These creams claimed to contain anti-histamines to reduce inflammation and itching and corticosteroid to flatten thick scars. These creams can also deal with melasma, age spots, dermatitis and wrinkles. The forehead lines, pigmentation, changes in skin texture can also be taken care of by these creams. Hydroquinone, Tretinoin and Mometasone are the three main ingredients in these creams for anti-inflammatory and preventing benefits.

Factors to consider

Some limitations are there to use the cream like avoiding eye contact or avoiding direct sun immediately after applying, consulting a practitioner or discontinuation of use if hypersensitivity occurs etc. A guided use and storage are needed to avoid side effects or other unwanted conditions.


Though the no scars face cream is having a higher demand due to its fruitfulness over almost every human being but the result depends upon the particular skin condition and the amount of skin exposure received. But consulting a doctor before using is highly advised.

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