9 Dressing Ideas for Petite or Short Ladies

9 Dressing Ideas for Petite or Short Ladies

You might have already heard of the saying that any beautiful thing is going to come in tiny packages. However, it has been observed that short ladies often feel the requirement of creating the illusion of looking tall with their dresses. There is no denying the fact that fashion rules are constantly changing and you need to consider the body type that you have before you are selecting your dresses. It is alright to be short; however, you need to understand that as a short girl, you might not be able to wear all the dresses that tall girls wear. Before jumping into dressing ideas, you need to keep certain tips on your mind. Given below is a list of the tips that you should consider.

  • Layering is the ideal way of sprucing up the entire look but ensure that you are not overdoing or making it look overwhelming.
  • Never choose any dress that will stop in your calf region, it should be short or of ankle length.
  • Take care of where your shoulders are sitting. They have to remain right on point, and you also have to ensure that they are neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Try to avoid dresses that are square or boxy.
  • Monochromes are undoubtedly your best friends.
  • Choose only vertical stripes when it comes to one-pieces or trousers. You can choose horizontal stripes for your tops.
  • Wear elevated footwear, as it is going to help you look tall.
  • Try to use slim belts and accessories to enhance your look.

Now that you know the tips that you need to follow, you can consider the outfit ideas that have been mentioned below.

Bridal dresses

There is no denying the fact that your biggest day in life should be the best. You need to show your assets off and pull your dress off with confidence. You can flaunt the entire frame by wearing an off-shoulder dress. You should choose these dresses over the dresses that have sweetheart necklines as they are responsible for creating the illusion of a broad canvas. Necklines, which trickle-down and become backless are known to make you look even more beautiful. You can even select the dresses that have noodle straps or the halter style. Make sure that you are avoiding dresses that have high necklines and full sleeves because if you are short, you are going to get lost in the fabric.

Maxi dresses

Ensure that you are choosing maxi dresses, which have a little bit of definition over the straight cuts. You can go for asymmetrical hemlines, flower or cap sleeves, ruffled bodies, etc. You can also select dresses that have light fabrics like georgette or organza. Irrespective of the dress that you are choosing, ensure that you are using chunky accessories, however, take care that they are not extremely consuming.

Tucked in shirt with sequin skirts

A pencil skirt is always responsible for complimenting the kind of body that you have and are capable of blending in perfectly. However, you need to style your outfit with the right kind of top, so that your height is not shrunk. Fashion experts suggest that you avoid tank tops or tube tops, and instead, use chambray or plaid shirts, which have just the right volume. Make sure that you are tucking your shirt in and wearing pointed heels, and it is the ideal way of looking tall.

Wearing a jumpsuit

It is a great idea to swap the playsuits with jumpsuits because they are capable of making a huge difference to your height. Go for the tie-able ones as they are much better in comparison to the buttoned-down ones. Wear cap sleeves as they are the best ways of opening up your frame in more ways than one. Choose ankle-length boots because they are never going to fail you, as stated by www.stylecraze.com.


Instead of wearing common dresses, try to think in a little unique manner and take care of your fashion game by opting for formal pants as opposed to pencil cut pants. To get a complete formal look, pair your formal pants with an ideal shirt, a bodysuit, and a blazer, that has flared hemlines. You can also opt for linen blazers, trousers, and also tops, which will not keep sticking to the body and provide enough structure.

Oversized denim and sweaters

Petite ladies already look cute and extremely adorable. To increase the level of cuteness, it is suggested that you wear oversized sweaters along with jeggings. You can even wear leggings or skinny denims. You also have the option of purchasing sweaters that have built-in chokers, have off-shoulder styles, etc. This will help in adding glamour to your entire look. To get an idea about the ideal leggings sizes, you can go through babeappeal.com.

One-piece dresses

Denim, sweater, or t-shirt dresses are known to look chic, especially when a short lady is wearing them. You should keep adding layers to your entire outfit. Adding shrugs or kimonos, coats or sweaters, etc., can help in sprucing up the entire look. However, you need to ensure that you are not over-layering or it is not going to complement your height.


To add the perfect filter to the outfit, you can wear distressed denim, boyfriend jeans, etc. They have the capability of stretching the lower body to make it look long. Tops that have ruffles, cold shoulders, puffed sleeves, etc., can assist in enhancing the entire look.

Ruffle tops with baggy trousers

If you have a cocktail party in the evening, you can avoid your regular outfits and instead, swap them with baggy pants as well as crop tops. You can even try palazzo pantsuits, as they will help in making the legs look perfect and elongated. You should always wear wedges or heels with this kind of get-up.


It is a completely wrong notion that short girls cannot style their dresses perfectly. Consider the outfit ideas that have been mentioned above and you are going to look amazing.

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