8 Useful Online Resources for Math Students

8 Useful Online Resources for Math Students

It’s no secret that lots of students don’t enjoy math. They may feel unsure of the benefits of math, they may struggle to connect to what is taught in class, and they may be reluctant to pursue a career in this field. However, there are lots of tools and resources to help math students overcome these issues. These tools allow students to practice, learn, and have fun with different math concepts.

Whether you’re passionate about math or not, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best online resources for math students:

1. Desmos

If you’re wanting to plot data, evaluate equations and graph functions, then Desmos might be a great option for you. Not only does this site do all the things listed, but it also includes creative art and math examples. This helps students to get the most out of the calculator. The Desmos site is extremely user-friendly and comes complete with an extensive help center should you have any trouble. This site is free to use, meaning you won’t have to purchase an expensive graphing calculator.

2.Percentage Calculator

Research has shown that lots of students struggle when it comes to calculating percentages. This is where an online percentage calculator can help. A percentage calculator can easily calculate percentages and the difference in percentages. Not only that, but it can also calculate things like: the percentage of a given number from any other given number; percentage change; and how much is x percent of y.


The Photomath app can help students to understand mathematical problems and improve their math skills. Each month they help students solve over 1 million math questions. Simply scan or take a picture of your problem and upload it into the app. They will then instantly solve the problem for you. This app will also give you a step-by-step explanation of how they solved the problem, meaning you will be able to understand how to do it in the future.


One of the hardest parts of understanding mathematical concepts is understanding the mathematics vocabulary. Study Geek is an amazing tool that has an alphabetical glossary complete with thousands of mathematical words. They also have several informative videos that cover anything from algebra to geometry. This tool aims to test math vocabulary retention. Students will love learning and playing games at the same time.

5.Math Playground

Math Playground has a huge selection of math-based games for younger students. The games on this site are split up into grades and topics. Not only is this site fun to use, but it’s also informative. Students can use this site to learn and understand difficult math problems, including fractions, multiplications, and a range of other mathematical concepts. Combining fun games with education is what makes Math Playground a brilliant choice of site for young students.

6. Fluidmath

While this app is usually used by teachers to create instructional materials for their students, it can also be used by students. Fluidmath is an amazing teaching and learning tool. It can be used on a range of devices, including whiteboards and tablets. Teachers and their students can create, solve, animate and graph math and physics problems in their own handwriting.

7.Shapes 3D

Shapes 3D is an augmented reality app that helps to teach you geometry. It allows you to create pyramids, prisms, Platonic solids, and solids of revolution. Start by choosing an easy figure to create and slowly build up to create more complex shapes.

8.Math is Fun

Just like you’d expect, this site aims to make math as entertaining and enjoyable as it could possibly be. This site uses games, puzzles, quizzes, worksheets, and a forum to help students with their learning. This is a brilliant site for anyone who struggles to understand math. Not only does it explain the solutions to problems in simple terms, but it’s also great fun.

At high school, the focus of math class usually turns to college or career preparation. From calculus, advanced algebra, and test practice to lots of real-life problems solving, there’s lots to get your head around. Whether you’re a math student in high school or you’re a math student in higher education, why not try out some of the resources we’ve listed above? From the percentage calculator which can help you to work out percentages quickly to the geometry pad that allows students to draw shapes charts and other geometric features, there are lots of amazing tools to help you.

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